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Step #1 Design & Simulation

  1. Site visit: Our qualified engineers will survey your site and take required readings that include

  • Location- Latitude and  Longitude, State, Station,Read Weather

  • Shading- Trace Horizon, Save Pictures, Calculate View Angles, Debug Trace Horizon

  • Array- Specify Orientation, Optimum Orientation, Weather and Shading and Calculating Azimuth, Tilt and Annual Radiation

  • Graph- Monthly Irradiation, Sun Chart and Hours for Average Day in Month


   2. Project feasibility study: With site readings and observations, we will assess the best feasible option for installing a solar plant at the premises


   3.Technical and policy advisory: We will advise on the best technical solution based on your state and its local solar policy


   4. Design and Engineering: Our engineers will design the best configuration of solar plant for your requirement. Our architects will design the most aesthetically looking solar plant for your building


   5. Budget Consideration: We keep in mind the budget allocation while sizing the requirement.


   6. Future Proof: We plan for current system in such a way that its ready for Future expansions and is modular in the approach.

Step #2 Analyze & Select
  1. Multiple quotations: We source quotes from qualified solar companies.

  2. Technical screening of components and system: We ensure all components like solar panels, inverters, mounting, wiring etc to be used are technically qualified and whole system works as a Complete system to fulfill entire solar plant objectives.Each components should be best fit to suit as per site conditions and provision for redundancy to avoid possible technical risks.  

  3. Quote comparison: We help you compare these different quotes while considering various parameters Like Pricing, Field Experience, Financial Benefits, Feedback, Customer Support, flexibility etc, for making the final decision

Step #3 Solar Finance 

  1. Financing options: We offer different financing plans based on the client credibility, type and size of solar plant, location etc

     Commonly used options are Loan against FD, Solar loans, BOOT model and solar lease.

  2- Financing planning: We help you compare different financing options to suit for your needs

Step #4 Install & Support

   1- Project execution: Our engineers visit the site periodically to monitor the entire installation


 2-Remote monitoring: We have multiple remote monitoring devices that measures the performance of the solar plant. This data can be accessed on your desktop or mobile


3-After sales servicing: We ensure there are clear after-sales servicing plans in place so that any performance issues can be resolved with ease

Overall we share our Wisdom in a transparent way to make the most for your solar need and not push you to go for things that you do not need.

Next step is to browse  and select though various WisdomTooths Solar Consulting Plans. 

Solar Survey
Design and Engineering
Solar Financing
Install and Solar
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