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Digital marketing- Well begun is half done

So much buzz about Digital Market. I'll tell you what all works and how much is the impact.

The right approach is to know the current status of site and then plan for DM strategy.

1.Site technical Audit

2.Recommendation for improvement

3.Digital Marketing Strategy

4.What and How of various strategies

5.Digital Marketing Proposal

Ensure the Deliverable are promised and aligned as per DM timeline. Proper monitoring and control mechanism should be in place to make the most of each penny spent.

No two DM proposal can be same as business environment, competition, Key words ranking, cleint's budget varies from project to project and needs to be customized carefully. For eg, Selling Pain relieving Oil in Economy class with low technology access users would require different strategy than reaching to Niche Customer segment and selling Ethical clothing.

Beware of fraud agency selling universal plans and promising Key words ranking in 2-3 months. My Experience says 3/20 Digital marketing agencies are only serious about the DM stuff, else its more putting bigger hole in client's pocket. There are several free actions then can enhance the existing Brand.

Each and every step in DM activities need to be aligned to business requirement. This required both technical audit and effective business mapping.

DM objectives has to be right from Day 1 whether you are planning -

- to create a better Branding

- to enhance the sales

- to enhance the offer appeal

- to aware target customer

- to nourish and educate your end customer

Ask the right questions before contracting the DM Project

Feel free to reach out for in depth requirement analysis.

Well begun is half done

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