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Namma Green Solar at Ittina Abby Apartment

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Power is becoming more and more the core necessity for Humans to Survive, Develop and for Economic growth. In this power hungry race mankind is disturbing environment day by day. We have access to good knowledge and are much connected; however, we are struggling on balancing of nature and human efforts.

Ittina Abby residents have successfully setup a 10 KWp Power plant which help them better manage their finances as well contributing to keeping environment green by reducing on Coal based electricity generation.

Where it is?

Ittina Abby is a 200+ apartment build over 3.5 acres of land in LB Shastry Nagar, near the Old/HAL Airport.

The apartment residents are here for more than a decade and have come a long way by pioneer in Green efforts by various endeavors like:-

  • STP Flush connection (No water Tanker)

  • Namma Solar

  • Rain water harvesting

  • LED lights

  • Garbage segregation

  • Box Garden

  • Water sprinkler

  • Lake Conservation

  • Retrofit-fitting Rain Water Harvesting

  • STP (Sewage treatment Plant)

  • CCTV installations

How it Start? Expenses were shooting Year on Year with Electricity consumption, Security, Salaries, Generator, BWSSB, Lift Maintenance and so on. Electricity has been the highest head among all these expenses so it made sense to catch the Bull by its horns. WisdomTooths took responsibility to reduce Electricity cost by 15% in coming year.

Investigation and Feasibility

Working on Solar was not clear cut choice and efforts were put into to gain better efficiency/Reduce cost on following areas:-

  1. Solar for STP

  2. Solar Powered Pumps

  3. Solar Lifts

  4. Wind energy

  5. Solar for Basement Parking

  6. Net Metering

Above steps were not feasible to reach the goal due to several technical and economic reasons and finally were able to narrow down. This was primarily achieved by Year 2016-17 Plans 1- Solar Installation 10 KWp- Phase 1 2- LEDs to replace Fluorescent Tubes

Some Considerations:- -India has ~300 solar days -Solar solution has an effective 25 Years life -Domestic Panels have Capital Subsidy 15% however buying tariff will increase and Saving goes down -To generate 1 KW electricity, 0.94 CO2 is emitted by Coal based power plants

Execution: Various Solar Proposals were invited to suit our Budget and have effective long term solution. Finding Suitable load was another challenge where we were not able to consume 100 % of Power generated through Solar plant. Loads studies which were not feasible:- Solar for STP- Excess Load Solar Powered Pumps- Not Compatible to Solar Solar to power Lifts- Not Compatible due to peak inrush current Solar for Basement Parking- Less load Storage of Solar - Expensive and cumbersome

Finally we came across BESCOM (State Electricity Board) policy where they were ready to buy all units generated and Bingo! Load was found.

Calculations: 10 KWp Production ~45 Units Daily Savings = 45 X 30(Days)X 7.08 Selling Rate) =Rs 9558/Month Pay Back Period 8 Years (Free by this Period) Return Results Based on input, you will achieve a 11.72% Total return.

Further Solution has to pass more filters before finalization:- - Right Solar Solution Provider - Legal Check - Safety review - Stake holder's Management - End to End Support - Customer Feedback - Right Location

WisdomTooths took responsibility to reduce Electricity cost by 15% in coming year, where we successfully achieved 15.9% reduction.

This Green initiative Benefits will accrue in the coming years when power tariff are bound to increase.

Green Fact: After Over an Year period we have we saved 22,947 KG of CO2 so far and counting....
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